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GOOD SEED is an American rock band that emerged from the “Garage Band” years of the 1960’s music scene in Indianapolis, IN. Members of local rival bands including The Emblems, The Four Fifths, The Roosevelt Dime, and The International Grapefruite came together in 1972 to form GOOD SEED. Growing up on The Beatles, Motown, & Bob Dylan to name a few, GOOD SEED was initially comprised of Greg Anderson, Rick Panyard, Jeff Tyler and Rich Gootee, incorporating acoustic guitars, banjo, fiddle, bass guitar, and electric piano. Known for strong vocals and a unique blend of rock/country musical styles, GOOD SEED became a staple in club and concert venues across the Midwest.

Having a desire to get away from the ubiquitous marijuana and drug use that plagued the music industry and their lives, band members sought to seek out the spiritual side of life. They began to read and study the Bible for the first time and began to write songs about their newfound knowledge. This resulted in the first two independent GOOD SEED albums (Good Seed, 1973 & Good Seed Rooted and Grounded, 1974)…these were among the first Contemporary Christian Rock albums in America prior to today’s robust Contemporary Christian Music industry.

In 1974 Jeff and Rick left the band and Greg and Rich continued as a duo until 1975 when legendary musicians Billy Warren (Bass), Chris Browning (Lead Guitar), and Doug Adams (Drums) officially joined the band. The following year GOOD SEED signed a recording contract with Village Records/Mercury Records and released GOOD SEED (the “Plant Album”). The new album was receiving radio airplay as the band continued touring the US.

Life eventually took band members in different directions although individually, members continued to play music, write songs, and record. Now in 2020, the boys are back together! Billy Warren, Doug Adams, Chris Browning, Rick Panyard, Greg Anderson, and Rich Gootee…lifelong good friends whose conversations pick up like they never stopped, no matter how much time has passed since being together.

“Never Be Gone” is the first song & music video released from Good Seed’s new album titled Old School Rising. Recorded & filmed at the world-renowned Lodge Recording Studios in Indianapolis IN. Michael Graham recording engineer, and Music video production by Flip Minott.

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The Band


Rich Gootee, also known as GBO (Great Bearded One), is an American songwriter, singer, and musician from Indiana.


Greg Anderson, a born musician with a lifelong passion for arranging, creating, and performing music people love.


Billy Warren, classically trained with a lifelong love of the bass.


Chris Browning, a seasoned professional musician with a lifetime of experiences pursuing his passion.


Doug Adams, also known as TDIII, lifelong drummer and band member.


Rick ‘The Pan’ Panyard emerged from the great days of “the garage band” and was Good Seed’s first lead singer.