In His Genes

With two Big Band musicians as parents and melodies filling his childhood home, it was nearly inevitable that Chris Browning would find his way to a musical instrument, and he did. After a year of piano lessons encouraged by his mom, Chris knew without a doubt he had no desire to tickle the ivories. Instead, his true love and natural talent was … the guitar.

Inspired by the music of favorite bands like the Beatles, Cream, and Led Zeppelin, Chris asked for an electric guitar for his 13th birthday—a gift that changed his life forever. Hours upon hours of practicing led to joining his first band which ignited a love for playing music that accompanied Chris throughout his life.

Joining the Band

Though his childhood had been filled with music, his teen years saw Chris creating it. Along with junior high friends Greg Anderson, Doug Adams, and Billy Warren, Chris started writing and performing music as the electric guitar player in his first band, The Emblems. The band wrote and performed several songs, and thanks to Chris’s dad who worked at RCA records, they were able to record a couple 45’s that received great local acclaim.

In 1975, Chris along with former bandmates Billy and Doug joined Rich Gootee and Greg Anderson as part of the band Good Seed.  For more than a decade, Good Seed recorded several albums and played live shows across the nation. Eventually, life called the guys toward different directions, but Chris never stopped pursuing his passion.

A Lifetime of Opportunities

Chris’s career as a guitar player led him from Indiana to California to Florida—each state providing new and exciting opportunities. From showcases to studio work to house bands, Chris enjoyed years as a professional musician while supporting his family and eventually coming full circle to help care for his aging parents. Along the way, Chris met countless talented musicians and contributed to bands such as Tower of Power, The Techniques, The Coasters, and The Platters.

Old Friends, New Music

Now a seasoned musician with a lifetime of experiences behind him, Chris is not hanging up his guitar. Instead he is joining lifelong friends Greg, Rich, Billy, and Doug for another season of dreaming and creating. Good Seed is back at it with all the talent and passion they’ve ever had, and Chris is ready to rock!