“Billy Bass”

Bill Warren was the fifth-born of six children and displayed a musical heart as a toddler: his mom noticed that instead of dragging pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets and just crashing away like the other kids, he listened carefully to the variety and nuance of the sounds they could make – same thing with the piano at home and the old pump organ at grandmas.

Growing up, he spent countless hours absorbing the music on the family’s large record collection and was moved by the beauty and scope of the orchestral classics. When his older brothers started bringing home rock ‘n’ roll records, his ear was especially drawn to the bass.

In his fourth grade ‘Music Appreciation’ class, Bill correctly identified all the instruments in an orchestra and declared his favorite – soon he was playing the cello in his school’s string ensemble. Within a couple of years, Bill was swept into the flood of star-struck youngsters rushing to form rock bands with their best friends; until a proper bass guitar and amp could be acquired, he took his cello to the first rehearsals of ‘The Galaxies’.

In the ninth grade he switched to string bass for four years in the high school orchestra where his love of performing music was nurtured and polished. When Billy was discovered by Greg Anderson, Doug Adams and Chris Browning, he was a “must have” in the already rising band, “The Emblems”. The following years brought about the transformation into what is now known as Good Seed where they soon found themselves living their dream: making a record that got played on the radio!