Sing A New Song


"Sing A New Song" was written circa 1973 by Rich Gootee inspired by the band's love of the Colorado landscape which resulted in all of the original Good Seed band members purchasing home site lots in a new spacious land development called The Baca Grande Ranch…located in the foothills near the beautiful Crestone Colorado area.

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Living In Love


Living In Love is the first song that Rick Panyard wrote for Good Seed around 1972. It appeared on the first album in 1973. Billy Warren, Doug Adams, and Chris Browning had not yet joined the original 4 members (Greg Anderson, Rich Gootee, Rick Panyard, and Jeff Tyler) but Chris was featured on lead guitar here and Doug played drums.

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Tender Line


Rich Gootee began writing more and more songs about love and life in the late 70s. Here are Greg, Chris, and Rich doing a live version before a TV audience. There is a full studio production of this song featuring the whole band on the "Light" album available at

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Good Seed band members have always loved the band, "Pressed Down". Greg played piano on their famous cut, "Body Soul and Spirit" and Good Seed band was blessed to have Ralph Graham and Joe Fair on the "Good Seed Rooted And Grounded" album. Here, 3 members of Good Seed are covering one of Joe Fair's best songs, "Pioneer".




This is one of Good Seed's most popular and requested songs. Here they are in Indianapolis 1978 at WFYI TV studio.


I’m The Fool


This video represents a true ballad, a story with a message. There is so much here to draw on...perhaps something different here for each listener. This is writer, Rich Gootee's greatest strength; to write songs that can reach listeners on many levels. Rich Gootee Copyright 2020 Beardman Music BMI

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Happy Times


Good Seed shot this video as a 3 piece band that traveled the U.S. for a period in the 70s. It was performed before a live TV audience. Each of us had multiple duties. Greg played bass guitar and sang, Chris played lead guitar and sang, Rich Gootee, played acoustic guitar, harmonica, sang lead vocals and used a foot-operated tambourine for percussion!!

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The Boys Of Thunder


"Boys Of Thunder" is the second music video release from Good Seed’s new 2020 album “Old School Rising”. (Also recorded and filmed at the world-renowned Lodge Recording Studios and The Moon Dog rock & roll club in Indianapolis, IN.) Growing up in the sixties with The Beach Boys and Fast Cars was an exciting time! “Boys Of Thunder” takes you back to when having your own car was priceless, and gas was cheap!

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Never Be Gone Video


"Never Be Gone” is the first song & music video released from Good Seed’s new album titled Old School Rising. It was recorded and filmed at the world-renowned Lodge Recording Studios in Indianapolis IN. Michael Graham recording engineer, and Music video production by Flip Minott. Written by Rich Gootee the song deals with losing someone you love…look for more details in the upcoming “Story Behind The Song” videos from Good Seed.

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